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Welcome to My Blog:-) 


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I’ll eventually update everything. As you may know I had

some server updates done and failed to backup all of the

sites on it:-(   Not like me being I am a fanatic for getting

things done right:-)  Updates will come and I will try to

restore to the best of my ability.  In the Mean time we

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I am a passionate and devoted Linux user, and amateur programmer. I enjoy many other activities such as Fishing, Camping, Target Shooting (Pistol), anything really… involving the Great Outdoors. I also enjoy Bicycling, Reading, Internet Marketing, Rodeo, and I love;  The Lord,  My Fantastic Wife, Building engines,  and good food 🙂

My Background
I have been Internet and/or affiliate marketing since 2003  I reside in Wyoming,  and own/manage several domains, supplying Hosting, Digital Products, Traffic Resources, Lead Generation and other IM Services.

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A quick share from today

I was just Doing some surfing today and came across this, from a blog/Website  called Truelist:  https://truelist.co/blog/linux-statistics/ Before sharing their stats listed, I’d like to offer this… You can almost flip Windows and Linux in Desktop and Server Applications. Windows by far the most used Desktop, and Linux combined with Apache, the most used Server …