Welcome to my personal blog. I hope to share some information and my interests here. I am a passionate and devoted Linux user, and amateur programmer. I enjoy many other activities such as Fishing, Camping, anything really…  involving the Great Outdoors. I also enjoy Bicycling, Reading, Internet Marketing, Rodeo,  and I love good food :-).

Last, but certainly not least,  I am a committed Christian and serve a Great and Mighty God!

I will likely bounce around and share on a variety of topics!

If any of the above interests you, please feel free to register/comment and interact with myself and others here.

Stay safe and take care of yourself and others in these trying times,


A little info.

Do you know the world interacts with Linux everyday and most don’t
know it. The Internet Powered by Linux, Google powered by Linux. Facebook Powered by Linux. The Stock Exchange powered by Linux. 2.5 Billion Android phones in the world powered by Linux. Space X and every space ship we ever launched powered by Linux. The Airplanes/Jets flying in the sky, and the systems that control them powered by Linux. Ford, Tesla, Audi, Honda, Toyota, Mercedes, Nissan, Suzuki,  just to name a few, powered by Linux.  All the self- driving cars in development, powered by Linux.  Home appliances like toasters, microwaves, smart TV, Remotes, the list is endless.  You are interacting with Linux right now,  as the server hosting this website is powered by Linux. So to rest my case I’ll add The Top 500 Fastest Super Computers in the world are powered by Linux!

I’m sure there’s more… and
I guess you now know I love Linux:-)


I have been Internet and/or affiliate marketing since 2003 and began Pinkham Communications in 2005. I reside in Wyoming and manage several domains, supplying Hosting, Digital Products, Traffic Resources, Lead Generation and other IM Services.