Making Money w/Emails… also applies to Solo Ads!

I make sales daily. There are many factors involved. Does your headline prompt them to open. Does your content prompt them to take action. Is your product something they are interested in. Is it something that is saturated already.

Do you use the pre-written messages for products and services that 100,000 other people are using, and people are sick of seeing. Most people have to be exposed 7-11 times to a product or service before they will take action. I have literally millions of ads a day running. My mailing list is 18 yrs old, and several thousand people are on it. I have spent years grooming my list. I get tire kickers, and freebie seekers, sure… but most of the people on my list are proven buyers, past customers and people who know me that I have built trust with.

In a big way, it is a numbers game also, 14,000 is a drop in the bucket in reality:-) For instance I mail to Herculist daily which is currently 143,000 members, that is a little over 1 million emails a week, and I only register 50 hits and 1 or 2 sales. Some weeks No sales and it’s hard just to get a signup:-) But Herculist is a drop in the bucket too, compared to how many other resources I use for advertising every day. It is a numbers game again, and you have to remember a lot of people use email accounts that are just for their safelist and they NEVER read the emails that go there.

So as you can see,  many, many, factors are involved. People think they are gonna be Internet Marketers… and get rich overnight. Occasionally a couple do. But how many millions of marketers are there out there? And, the numbers grow by thousands every week. The percentage of business done online every year is daunting, and growing at phenomenal rates. I don’t know your resources of course, but we are all competing with corporations that have huge advertising and marketing expenditures. A lot of the guru marketers you see out there are not individuals at all. They are literally corporations under the guise of some Guru Name.

I started Marketing in 2003 and am now what I call Semi-Retired. Now it’s part hobby, part business for me as I will likely never quit fully:-) There were a lot of times I hated it,  and I wasn’t making a dime, month after month broke. Never making sales, and putting many hours and thousands of dollars into it, with very little results.  But I have built systems over the years that just keep paying residual income. They just need what I call regular maintenance, and attention.

I just started running Traffic Sites a year ago, kinda as a hobby, but, I treat it like a business! It is not where I make my money…long way from it.

How big is your mailing list? have you spent time with those people and built trust. ‘The Money is in the List’ is not just a saying! Do you offer quality products and services that are targeted to those specific people you want to make sales to. I think the number one thing most endeavoring marketers fail to see the importance of…is that their #1 Priority is building their list, hands down. Email Marketing is an extremely powerful tool when done right!!!

Do you invest enough time and money to a specific business plan, with a clear vision of what your looking to achieve as an individual marketer, or a company?
Having a clear and precise business plan is paramount to success.

So if you read this far, I guess I didn’t bore you too much:-) I suppose
I was in the mood to share my thoughts and see what I could offer to help.

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