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 Hello Friend,

This was originally an answer to an email sent to me. I

have since added to it and expanded it into this article!

It’s a bit long, I’m trying to make up for my lack of posts:-)

Reading to the end though, can turn out to be valuable

for you!

I think I kinda mentioned in the past, that I prefer people write

their own ads and emails.

Reason being if it’s a cookie cutter,(pre-written ad), and many

people are using it, it becomes stale. What I’m saying is eveyone

has seen the ad before. This comes to what I was saying the

other day about copy writing. Here are 2 tools that can help.



So, First you need to write catchy headlines, then your ad

body has to keep their interest and get them to take action.

I rarely use any cookie cutter ads, or cut and paste stuff. I

write my ads off the wing, on the go, I write what I am feeling

and what I want to convey at that very moment. That gives me

original material/content. My ads are personal not something pre-

written that everybody else is using too. Yes, most programs, and

affiliate type sites, have pre-written ads for you in the back

office. But, guess what, everybody else is using them too.

People out there on the Web have seen these ads over and

over again. If you want to use those ads, start with one and at

least re-write it and give it your personal touch.

Here is one keeps your emails within count for formatting:


Generally 50 characters or less is a good rule of thumb.

Now for the body, write your email clear, and to the point.

I always suggest short and sweet, maybe give away a

free gift, and then always, end with a call to action!

I always try to make that call to action solve a problem

for them, or give them something they need. How do you

know what they need, I go for general things everyone needs

according to that niche I’m writing the ad for. Example:

For Marketers, everyone Needs Traffic, so I will end it by

giving them a Traffic Resource, such as:

Click Here to Quadruple Your Traffic

Now enter that in the Headline Analyzer Here is what I got:


This score indicates that your headline has a total of 50.00% Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) Words. To put that in perspective, the English language contains approximately 20% EMV words. For comparison, most professional copywriters’ headlines will typically have 30%-40% EMV Words in their headlines.

While the overall EMV score for your headline is 50.00%, your headline also has a predominant emotion classification.

As you can see my headline is much higher than most professional copywriters.

It’s also 30% higher than all the emotional words in the English language.

Mastering all these rules and tricks and tips does not come naturally

or overnight. It takes practice, testing, and still is a numbers game after

that, believe this though, having your own email list of people you get

to know, and that know, like, and trust you, is a very big part of

successful marketing online. Take some time and learn, you won’t get

it any other way. Well you can always outsource:-)

I jump around a lot, but lets move back to the subject line.

The subject line of your email is very important and so it pays to give it the

necessary attention to get it right.

A poorly constructed subject line could result in your emails being

flagged as spam, not opened, or a person unsubscribing. Your email

subject line should always be a call to action also.

A call to action is the action you want a person to take. It’s more than just

encouragement to open the email; it’s about doing something in the email.

Let’s have a look at creating email subject lines with a strong call to action.

#1   Make Your Call to Action Compelling

Remember you have only a few seconds to grab your reader’s attention

as they skim through their Inbox. Make sure you include any offer in

the subject line so readers immediately see what the value of the email

will be. If you create a sense of urgency with your compelling offer,

you’ll increase the response. You can do this by using brackets in

your subject line. For example, Learn how to Use Email Marketing

[Webinar in 5 Days].

#2   Make Sure You Don’t Look Like Spam

You do not want your subject line picked up by spam filters or firewall

filters, so you need to be cautious when you choose your words for your

subject line. Careful using words like offer, free, or act now, (which I am

occasionally guilty of), can be flagged by the spam filters. You should

also not use all caps or punctuation in the subject line.

#3   Make Your Call to Action Consistent

Before a person opens their email, they see the subject line and a couple of

sentences in the preview. Therefore, those first two sentences need to be

related to your subject line. They should add to your compelling offer and they

should also be action oriented. Create a link in the first couple of sentences,

which will take the reader to the website page where you want them to take


#4   Keep Your Subject Line Short

You should try to keep your email subject lines short. Remember you have only

45 characters. If you go over that your reader may not see the entire subject

line. You want the most compelling part of your message right at the front of

the subject line.

#5   Use an Active Tone

The subject line should speak directly to your recipient and be written in

an active tone using an action verb such as sign up, download, or learn how.

The best way to figure out if your email subject line is effective is to test.

You’ll see A/B testing kicking around the web. It’s good to know what is

working best, what is getting your emails opened, and what is not.

#6   As a last thought, My pet peeve, and likely others too!

Do Not Use Mis-leading Headlines, there is a fine line here. That line

is between slight and blatant mis-information. I actually unsubscribe

from mailing lists when some uses the headline: ‘You’ve just been paid’,

or ‘You’ve got Cash’, Your account is being cancelled’, and the list goes

on and on. Don’t do it! I can’t count how many times I’ve watched

experienced marketers, and some email marketing professionals do this.

A Lot of safelists, mailers, exchanges, tell you even, in the rules, or

instructions, Not to use misleading headlines!

I think that’s enough of my rambling today, so until next time…

Have a Great Day, Be Prosperous, and be Safe,


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