Linux Resources

Below are simply links to various Linux Resources

(They are in no particular order, or priority, and certainly not exhaustive. I will attempt to keep it up to date, but as with my websites, the changes are often frequent. All links will open in a New Window of Course)

A few may actually not be directly Linux,
but, may be programming/development related. I’m also always looking for New Resources/Contributions. Please Visit my Support/Help Desk   to submit them:-)

My Linux Distro Page is Here

If all else fails, Google Search is a Great Resource, needless to say, I highly recommend you research your findings thoroughly, as you never know, obviously, how accurate the information is.

For a Newcomer to Linux, I won’t say the best,
and certainly not the only option… but I think
a good OS/Distro to start with is below:

A couple places to get classes paid and free:

If you would like a copy of what I think
is the best book to learn the Linux
Command Line free,  Click Here

If your the type to Start a Business Online,
NOT looking for ‘Get Rich Quick’ Schemes, and
would like Training and Education Resources,
please contack my Support/Help Center:

A Few Places that may be a good start is here:

I’d Also like to Impress that a Couple Networks are Fantastic:

Social Connections and Jobs Too: LinkedIn

If Your the Type to Freelance: Fiverr